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List of the Top Online Casinos for US players 2020

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USA online casinos is a subject that often raises eyebrows like USA sportsbooks. The search for viable options when it comes to those wishing to play online in the USA can be challenging, to say the least. While there are multiple casinos that cater to players residing in the USA, the quality of those options is what ultimately comes into question. This is due to those software providers willing to accept American players is limited, and often they tend not to offer the greatest quality in gaming. However, with that said, there remain some excellent options for Americans, both online and via mobile casinos.

USA Players & Mobile Casinos

USA players have multiple options when it comes to accessing casino games or other genres of gambling through their mobile devices. It has fast become the most common method of access for players globally, and Americans were at the forefront of that trend. Accessing a mobile casino or gambling site is fast, easy and convenient.

Playing the games is not a problem, but where the problem lies in finding a casino that offers the quality of game you desire and one that will accept deposits from those residing in America. It is common knowledge today that the US government took a hard-line stance towards the processing of financial transactions in relation to offshore online casinos.

While they claim it relates to potential money laundering protection, it more related to the pressure applied by large land-based corporations who were threatened by the sheer volume of people preferring the ease, as well as, the anonymity of online gambling. As such, processing transactions can be somewhat difficult, and the number of depositing options is greatly reduced.

The latest trend is to deposit using Bitcoins, and many Bitcoin casinos have entered the USA market as a result. This allows the private transfer of bitcoin to and from the casino without having to worry about the involvement of outside banking sources or credit card companies. There remains a number of other options such as prepaid cards, but the number is few and far between.

The level of security established within an online casino is immense. Those who question its ability to thwart fraud or underage gambling are simply incorrect. A mobile casino is not in the business to cater to illegal activity and as such undertake multiple protection measures to ensure they comply with laws that govern their licensing. This includes firewall protection, SSQ protected financial transactions and a number of other measures. Also, most smartphones and mobile devices employ their set of security protection to provide further a level of confidence to those who choose to play via their mobile devices.

Mobile casinos offer a wide selection of games to play. Gone are the days when mobile game selections were limited to a handful of games. Also gone are the days when accessing was carried out through an app, as many mobile-focused casinos provide access directly through a web-browser, thus increasing the game variety and overall quality. As for those interested in games other than slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, video poker, bingo, sports betting, and others are all available.

So the question becomes, how does one find the best Mobile casino when residing in the USA. The answer to that is research and understanding. While you could undertake this yourself, the process will often lead to frustration and time wasted as you investigate each casino to determine if Americans are permitted. However, by referring to our list of USA friendly mobile casinos, you will quickly shorten the time you need to find a viable casino that will accept deposits from those within the USA.

Are Online USA Casinos Legal?

The answer is rather simple, Yes. Currently, there is not any Federal legislation that makes online casinos or gambling at one illegal. The laws in place related to the transaction of funds and fall under the jurisdiction of the Wire Act. It was amended to include gambling transactions during the final days of the Bush Administration.

State laws are beginning to change and have seen some states legalize online gambling. However, this relates to those that receive a license to operate within its borders and winnings are taxed, just as they are with a regular land-based casino. Deleware, Nevada and New Jersey are the three most notable however others have followed, and it is anticipated in the years to come that others will follow their lead.

The reality is, gambling online if you reside in the USA could be viewed as a risk, but not in the legal sense, unless the state you reside in has laws that strictly make it illegal. Even then, state legislators are more interested in going after operators who break the laws versus the individual player.

Choosing a Legitimate and Safe USA Online Casino

Selecting one that is safe comes down to a number of areas. First, is where the casino is licensed. There are multiple jurisdictions that provide licenses to online casino operators and include Malta, Costa Rica, Kahnawake, and others. Due to the UIGEA, many of those refuse to license operators who wish to accept USA players for fear of legal repercussions. First and foremost, choosing a casino can be, at times, a challenge, especially for those new to online casino gambling. There are many casinos operating online, but not all operate equally. The laws that govern licenses that casinos are required to obtain dictate how they operate, act and process player transactions, manage player deposits and many other aspects that relate to the overall operation of the casino.

Costa Rica is one that will and many of those that operate within the USA are reputable. However, take the time to verify the status of a casinos license or use trusted resources such as this site, as you will find that homework has already been completed.

Another is the quality of the game, and or, the software being used to power the games. One often seen today with casinos accepting American is Real Time Gaming. They are able to allow their licenses to accept American because operators purchase their software and its games are not network-based, with the exception of a few progressive jackpot slots. In the case where games are network-based, you may find those games simply not offered.

Another key element to focus on it the level of support, cashier options, time relating to process with withdrawal payments and the ways the casino can be accessed. All of these join to help you to understand what you will find with a casino. Those that offer professional-grade support, process payments quickly and offer multiple access points (Instant Play/Download/Mobile) show they mean business and are focused on providing a legitimate gambling experience to all and include fair gaming within its core operating principles.

Real Money Casino Games Online in the US

Real money games are abundantly offered to Americans. While the number of software suppliers remaining in the US is limited, the choices are still vast. It includes the ability to play a wide range of classic, video and progressive slots, as well as an excellent selection of table and card games. Those who enjoy the thrill of live casino play will also find some live dealer games available, as they will video poker, and many others.

In addition to your standard casino game variant, sports betting, bingo and poker can be found, albeit limited. It adds to the value of gaming options and increases the attractiveness that gambling online brings to the proverbial table.

Playing for real money is legal, accepted and provides a far greater payout potential due to the lack of overhead costs many land-based operators have to factor into their operations. The result for American players means an increase in value play wise, let alone an increase in the overall amount that can be won, with wins of $500-$1000 being common online.

Cashing Out Your Winnings from a US Casino Account

This is an area many are unsure of. The days when withdrawing to any number of web-wallets, for Americans, is long gone. Neteller, Skrill, Paypal and most others exited the US market upon the UIGEA taking effect. This left a limited number of options as it is illegal for financial institutions in the USA to accept payments they know to be as a result of gambling online trouble-free. The majority of casinos will make payment using a check, and this will be issued in a discreet manner that does not identify a particular casino, and therefore cashing out your winnings is trouble-free. The only aspect of payment by check is the time to receive payment as it is longer and often can be two weeks before received. Ultimately, it depends on the casino and their withdrawal policies and processing times.

Another viable option and one that is increasingly becoming popular is payment by Bitcoin. This is 100% anonymous and private and will allow you to quickly withdrawal your winnings and be paid in the form of a Bitcoin. Payments will be based on the current market value at the time of processing.

USA Player Currency Options

Deposits will be allowed using the US dollar at most online casinos accepting American players. That has not changed, nor is it expected to change. There are some casinos that operate using the Euro and when processing a deposit in any other currency, will convert it into the euro. This has no bearing on the amount you deposit, not winnings, but will relate to the amount that will be reflected in your balance. As the USD and Euro are often close to parity, this should not be of any great concern, and in fact, can be advantageous when the Euro is higher than the USD.

Video Review of USA Casinos

Are all players from the USA accepted?

The short answer is yes, whereas the long answer is no. It ultimately depends on the state you reside and whether the casino in question permits players and deposits from your state. The short answer is to try and register with the USA accepting casino online if the registration process allows or lists your state, it is a safe bet that deposits will be permitted.

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