List of the Top Online Dogecoin Betting Sites

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Dogecoin is simply referred to as DOG and is a type of cryptocurrency that comes from Litecoins. There is no surprise in seeing the name that there is a dog character in the symbol of the coin. Also, like other types of cryptocurrencies, the Dogecoin was initiated in order to be available to more people in a wider spectrum rather than other coins such as still the most popular Bitcoin. With the popularity of online gambling and the popularity of new cryptocurrencies, there are always new online casinos that cater to using that type of currency. The same goes for Dogecoin betting, as there are sites now where you can use that currency in order to gamble online.


There are a few interesting features when it comes to Dogecoin. First, the use of script technology and the algorithm will let people use the currency to mine-block, and they can do this without any mining equipment. One block is done in only one minute by the Dogecoin network, and this is a much quicker block time than for other coins such as Bitcoins and Litecoins. There is the expectation that the Dogecoin network will soon be able to strike 100 billion of the Dogecoin so they will be out there and more and more online casinos are taking them as a form of currency.

Dogecoin Gambling

One of the reasons why cryptocurrencies have become so popular in the online gambling market is they are a great payment option. Dogecoin is one of the more popular cryptocurrencies and with its recent growth, more and more online casinos will allow players to use that to fund their account. Still, gambling with Dogecoin is a relatively new thing, but many people that play online are starting to use it more and more with the advantages that doing so brings. Now there are specific online casinos and poker rooms that only take Dogecoin as a currency. Many players are attracted to using cryptocurrencies at online gambling sites, as to fund an account no personal information has to be given to you and start playing.

How Does Dogecoin Gambling Work?

When you buy into Dogecoins, you are in the blockchain, and you have your own cryptocurrency wallet. One of the nice things about using this type of currency is that you can put the wallet in different players such as your phone, computer, or even on a website. It is up to you where you keep it, but it does make having one totally secure.

To make a withdrawal when playing at a casino online, all you need is the address of your web wallet. Also, you have to know the address to make deposits at online casinos. There is no need for any typical banking system transfers, and because of this, you are totally anonymous to tax and government offices. One of the main advantages of using Dogecoin to gamble online is that you will not have to come up with any information regarding how you made money. An example of this is if you are playing an online casino that takes Dogecoin and you win big nobody is aware of money won or in your case earned, and there will be no questions asked.

Anonymity was touched on before, and it is one of the biggest advantages when using Dogecoin to gamble online. You can make money using the currency at a casino, and there is no need to share any type of information no matter how much you win or how much you gamble with. It is pretty basic, as using Dogecoin allows you to become a customer of an online casino or several, and no personal or financial information is needed. The reason for this is that who you are means nothing to the blockchain, so there are no restrictions no matter what country you are from. Gambling sites that allow for Dogecoins to be used have no country restrictions on them. This is another reason why the cryptocurrency is a great option when gambling online , as the gambling laws where you reside do not matter if you are using Dogecoin to fund your account.

Quick ‘Banking”

When you are speaking of banking at an online casino, you are talking about deposit and withdrawal transactions. No matter what transaction it is, you want it to be a quick one. That is another advantage of using Dogecoins at online casinos as the transactions are very fast and many times they are instant. Using cryptocurrency is one of the fastest payment and withdrawal methods no matter what the transaction and this goes for funding and withdrawing from an online casino. Dogecoin transfers are even faster than Bitcoin and Litecoin and on top of that the fees are lower as well, so it is a win-win situation.

100% Fair Games

One of the biggest concerns for people gambling online is the fairness of the games. Many online casinos state they have 100% fair gaming and many also have certificates showing that. However, you can be totally sure that you are playing games that are fare using Dogecoin at online casinos that accept them. Dogecoin casinos will have a widget available that directly show you on your phone, computer, or tablet that the games are 100% fair.

If they are not, you will see this in your widget, which is definitely a good thing to have when playing at an online casino. Dogecoin is a great banking option when it comes to playing at online casinos. There are many advantages to using this cryptocurrency, which continues to grow in popularity.