List of Gambling Sites Where You Can Play Online Lottery Games for Real Money

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Scratchcards and lottery tickets, they’re the most standardized form of gambling available to the American people. The compelling idea of being able to spend $3.00 to win thousands earns every state millions yearly. It’s estimated that nationwide more than $1.5 Billion was spent on lottery scratch tickets. This potential profit hasn’t gone unnoticed with online operators, prompting them to create scratchcard platforms. Fans of this form of betting now have numerous options for acquiring their scratchcards. Below we analyze the three variations of scratchcards, and what they have to offer players.

Regular Scratchcards

There are dozens of scratchcards operated on a state-by-state level, and then many others that are provided nationwide. The most popular scratchers in America include Powerball Scratch, Lotto Scratch, Everyday Payday and Instant Millionaire. The lowest costing lottery tickets are $1.00, and the highest is $100.00 on a state or federal level. The more money spent with standardized scratchcards means lower odds and higher chances of winning substantial prizes. Statistics indicate that the average American doesn’t spend more than $20.00 a time when purchasing lottery tickets.

Online Scratchcards

The scratchcard market for online space is drastically different than standardized lottery tickets seen in convenience stores. Software suppliers like Playtech, PariPlay, NeoGames, and Microgaming have reworked their most popular video slots into online scratch cards. This includes titles like Dolphin Cash, Pink Panther, The Mummy, Kong, Rocky, Gladiator, Irish Luck, A Night Out and Love Match. All scratch cards are built in a 3×3 Grid Order, with iconic characters creating cute or exciting environments.

Playtech’s most popular scratcher is “Santa Scratch”, which sends players deep into the North Pole to assist Jolly Saint Nick with Christmas festivities. Built-in the 3×3 grid order that’s now infamous for online scratch cards, there’s a chance to win upwards of $10,000.00. Three Santa’s in a linear row are required to win the jackpot prize of this online scratcher.

Santa Scratch is just one example of countless scratchers created by online suppliers. However, the two best manufacturers of these games are Microgaming and Playtech. We highly recommend that our readers review their most requested scratchers, as the experiences can sometimes outrival their online predecessors. Most of the online scratch cards selected are compatible for mobile usage, meaning that these games can be played on tablets or phones operating on the Android or iOS Platforms. This format of scratch betting is beneficial for most players who live busy lifestyles and can only experience these scratchers during certain moments in the day.

Free Play Vs Real Money

There are two formats of scratch card betting, with the 1st being free to play and the 2nd being real money. Playing these scratchers for free has historically never before been seen on a massive scale until online casinos began offering scratch cards. Now, most of these games are accessible in free play modes, enabling players to test out the available features for a preset amount of time. This time ranges from Five to Ten minutes; afterward, games will have to be reloaded.

The 2nd option of real money gives players the chance to compete for large payouts, typically ranging from $10 Thousand to 1 Million dollars. The amount won is dependent on multiple variables, and these large prizes aren’t always guaranteed. It’s why we recommend our readers experience these scratchers in a free play setting first and then try their luck with the real money variant.

Scratch Tickets to Win Real Money

Scratchcards have come a long way in the last hundred years. Where it was first a small piece of paper meant to uncover two of three symbols for a small prize, today it’s all about exceptional virtual environments that payout substantial jackpots. These online and mobile scratchcards tend to outrival their video slot predecessors, which isn’t an easy task to accomplish. Subsequently, the experiences derived from online scratchers are considerably better than standard scratchers.