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Let It Ride

Video Poker has expanded drastically since it first appeared at online casinos in the 1990s. Multiple incarnations of the game have been created, such as Let It Ride. This unique version of poker was first designed by Shuffle Master Incorporated, a former corporation that built automatic shuffling machines. However, in 26 years, the game has been adopted by multiple developers. Millions on a global scale have experienced the memorable gameplay provided by Let It Ride. Its popularity is derived from unique gameplay elements, such as being able to withdraw wagers when chances at winning are decreasing rapidly. Furthermore, the game has been adopted by mobile betting apps and mortar casinos. The versatility available in Let It Ride is comparable to only Texas Hold ’em or Omaha Hi/Low.

How to Play Let It Ride

Mastering certain elements of Let It Ride isn’t tricky. It requires a basic understanding of the premise of the game, and its betting options. Most are surprised to find out this game is identical to a Blackjack table layout. The critical difference is that there three betting circles, with the wagers for each ring varying between $1.00 to $5.00. However, there are online casinos that manage high rolling limits. This can increase circular bets from $15.00 to $50.00 per circle. Regardless of standard limits or upper rolling limits are selected, players are required to bet at minimum the lowest wager available in all circles. Having three circular betting areas with $15.00 minimum bets will mean each wager is $45.00.

Afterwards, a virtual shuffling machine deals out three cards. This applies to the online, mobile and land-based atmosphere for Let It Ride. The virtual dealer receives three cards as well, with one of them being face up and the other two face down. After the cards are dealt, players can review their hand and opt to remove one of their wagers from the three circles. Once all players in the lobby have placed their hands, the dealers reveal their one of the two-faced down cards. This card is acting as the fourth to acquired hands, and if it’s unfavorable, players can remove an additional $15.00 bet from a circular betting area. The final $15.00 circular bet cannot be withdrawn. The objective is to prompt hands with pairings of 10’s or higher. Receiving the King, Queen, Ace or Joker can prompt significant payouts with the correct strategy. Below we list which hands are bet to ride out.

Let It Ride Strategies

The one thing every player should work towards is a personalized strategy. Engaging these strategies against virtual or real-life dealers can be the difference that prompts substantial payouts. Typically extensive knowledge is required to create a winning strategy for card games. However, when it comes to Let It Ride poker games; the most straightforward approach is the best tactic to employ. We recommend the “Ride Out” strategy, which is built specifically around this poker game. This strategy recommends the player’s critical moments when they should hold their hands. Down below are those suggestions.

First Round Betting:

• Players should hold their bets when a pair of 10’s or higher are acquired.
• Keep wagers when the three cards are given are leading to a royal flush.
• Don’t alter bets when the given cards lead to a straight flush.

Second Round Betting:

• All suggestions from the first round betting can be engaged in the second round.
• Bets should also remain positioned when four cards lead to Flushes or Open Straights.

Punters also have capabilities to make side bets. These bets typically cost $1.00 to $10.00 and allow for a specific token to be placed in the Side Bet Circular Betting Area. However, it’s not recommended to place side bets due to the low payout percentages on this betting area.

Let It Ride Odds

Down below are the odds players have at winning with specific hands and their subsequent payouts.

HandsPayouts – Odds

  • Royal Flush – 1000:1 – 0.0154%
  • Straight Flush – 200:1 – 0.015%
  • Four of a Kind – 50:1 – 0.026%
  • Full House – 11:1 – 0.17%
  • Flush – 8:1 – 0.367%
  • Straight – 5:1 – 0.77%
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1 – 2.112%
  • Two Pair – 2:1 – 4.755%
  • Tens or Better – 1:1 – 25.42%

Mobile vs Instant Play

There are two versions of Let It Ride available to fans of the card game. The 1st version is called instant-play, which allows for games to be experienced through browsers or downloadable programs on desktop computers. The 2nd version is mobile betting, and it enables players to access their favorite card games from tablets or phones. Comparatively, the better of the two is mobile betting. Games are accessible from any mobile device running Android or iOS; it doesn’t even have to be your own. It’s this revolution that’s prompted thousands to experience Let It Ride daily on their devices. Convenience isn’t the only factor making Let it Ride Mobile accessible; it’s also the touch control capabilities provided as well. Collectively, experiences become far more versatile.

Let It Ride FAQ’s

Which casino is the best?
Deciding which casino is best for you can be difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best betting sites for fans of Let It Ride. These casinos don’t just provide card games, but also table games and video slots as well.
Can I play for free?
There are free-play versions of Let It Ride available online. However, these free play poker games can only be experienced for five to ten minutes at a time.
What about promotions?
Newly registered players with any of our recommended casinos provide welcome promotions, match deposits, and no deposit bonuses. Review the terms and conditions of any promotion before acquiring it, though.
How can I withdraw winnings?
How can I withdraw winnings?

Why Play Let It Ride?

Let It Ride is the perfect poker variant for anybody searching for simple gameplay with substantial payout opportunities. It’s the only card game created that allows for multiple bets to be withdrawn when unfavorable hands are presented. Subsequently, with the right training, continuous large payouts can be awarded. Think about winning thousands of dollars on your lunch break at work, that’s now possible with the mobile iteration of Let It Ride. Overall, this game won’t disappoint fans of video poker.

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