List of the Top Online Ethereum Betting Sites

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Bitcoin was the first to jump into the cryptocurrency foray, and there are many more types now. One of them is Ethereum, which is now seen as the 2nd most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. There are many advantages when using Ethereum to bet online from fast transactions to not having to give personal or financial information. There are also now many online casinos today that take cryptocurrencies like Litecoin as well as ones that are specifically for Ethereum users.

Betting using Ethereum goes above and beyond what Bitcoin brought to the table when it comes to transparency and the ease of use. Ethereum has already begun to challenge the Bitcoin supremacy when it comes to gambling online at ethereum casinos. The innovation with the Ethereum cryptocurrency makes this a reality. However, now it is great since there are so many online casinos that allow for various types of currencies to be used to deal with deposits and withdrawals. All of the games that are available to people that use the more common form of currencies are now available to those that use cryptocurrencies. And, considering the latter has more advantages many are changing the way they find their casino accounts with Ethereum being one of the top options.

Ethereum and Ether – What is the Difference?

There are casinos online that take Ether for payment. On the other side of the coin, many casinos have game-based contracts that are on the Ethereum network. This is really the only difference when it comes to gambling using Ether and Ethereum. Basically, gambling with Ethereum is very similar to gambling with Ether, but Ether gambling is not necessary Ethereum gambling. Casinos that use Ethereum as a form of currency may change and allow for other cryptocurrencies to be used and this is already starting to happen. This is because of the continued popularity of cryptocurrencies used at online casinos as well as the newer types of coins that are popping up all the time.

Casinos for Ethereum

Online casinos that only take Ethereum in order to fund an account have their games available by a smart contract on the Ethereum network, but they may only take Ether as payment. This is an example of the ever-changing online gambling world, as now the cryptocurrency continues to gain steam in the many casinos that now only take them for player accounts. One of the first things that Ethereum gambling brought about is the house edge of 0%. While only a model for gambling online it is a controversial thing brought about considering the house edge is how online casinos make money .

Another controversial initiative for Ethereum gambling is one of the reasons the cryptocurrency is becoming more popular all the time in instant withdrawals. Many times, using typical banking options at online casinos withdrawals can take some time, and on top of that, there is usually a minimum amount that you have to take out.

If you win money gambling, you want it right away not 3-5 business days or however long it takes. Sometimes using some banking methods such as a wire transfer, it can take well over a week for you to get your money. The instant withdrawal for using Ethereum is one of the main advantages of using it. Withdrawals, as well as deposits, are instant when using Ethereum and instant is always better than waiting, especially when it comes to gambling online. The transaction time for using Ethereum is also shorter than the transfer time when using Bitcoin.

New Games are Always Good

With many pure Ethereum online casinos increasing all the time the cryptocurrency developers are coming out with new and exciting games just for people that use that currency. While all of the other popular games at online casinos will also be available, there will be characteristics that are unique for games that deal with Ethereum. This is similar to the many Bitcoin games that have to do with the story of that cryptocurrency. New games are always good, and Ethereum gaming is making that happen as we speak.

Anonymity is Key

It was touched on earlier in this article, but one of the main advantages of using Ethereum wager online is the Anonymity factor. No matter how much you gamble with or how much you win you are totally anonymous when you use Ethereum to fund a casino account. Personal or financial information needs to be shared with the online casino and with all the security issues on the Net today that is a huge plus.

From tax to government offices neither will know anything about your activities online considering you are using Ethereum rather than a typical currency. Also, many times you will come across country restrictions when gambling online and this can be a problem if you reside in an area where gambling online is technically illegal . While there are other ways around the legality of online gambling, the safest is the use of Ethereum considering that there is no information associated with the transaction no matter how big it is or where it comes from.

The advantages of using Ethereum to gambling online are aplenty, and there are a lot of great sites online today that not only take cryptocurrencies but solely Ethereum. From instant payout to total Anonymity to newer games and little to no transactions fees you really cannot go wrong using the currency of Ethereum to gamble online.