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Jacks or Better

Video poker has been a global sensation for twenty years, dominating online markets and providing millions with exciting gameplay. Video poker has extended into multiple different versions, with each release being unique. There’s Texas Hold ’em, Tri-Card Poker, Stud Poker, and many others. Today we’re reviewing Jacks or Better, and how players can get the most out of their experiences. This review analyzes how the game is played, what strategies are the best available, the payout odds on the various hands, and how mobile gameplay differs from its online predecessor.

Historically, Jacks or Better is considered the grandfather to all other renditions of online poker. The visual elements utilized aren’t extensive in most versions of Jacks or Better, giving a classically rendered experience. Those reminiscent of previous days in the poker industry can relive those moments through these classic visual elements. Microgaming, NetEnt, and Betsoft are the three highest-rated developers to build their versions of this poker title. Each version has its shortcomings but ultimately provide unforgettable gameplay.

Mastering Jacks or Better will require patience and education on the player’s behalf. The first step is learning the basics through this review. Learn the benefits of Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces in this game. Learn how to up bets at correct times to increase chances at high cards. Inevitably, the trainee will become the master and win substantial sums of money through various online casinos.

How to Play Jacks or Better

Learning the basics of Jacks or Better first requires the game to be loaded. Immediately players are presented with five cards that are faced up. Above the acquired cards is a paytable which lists the coin denomination prizes available in this version of Jacks or Better. Typically, most versions of this card game provide transaction charts for players to determine how much they’ve been betting. This transaction chart can list twenty-five hands simultaneously. Using this chart properly players can acquire hands regularly that have Jacks, Aces, Kings or Queens. Having one of these cards typically allows for one or another payout to be awarded.

All that’s needed to begin betting is clicking the start bottom, where virtual dealers throw out the five cards at the bottom of the game screen. Player’s can hold any of their acquired cards for one hand, enabling them to double up on the opportunity to receive higher cards. Any winning cards from the prior hand are immediately held. This process can repeat itself numerous times until the game lobby closes or the tournament shuts down.

Jacks or Better Strategies

It’s recommended that players employ the “Full Pay Machine Strategy“, which enables average payout percentages in 98.44%. Mastering this strategy means that losses will be down to 0.08%, which is the lowest possible for any poker game available. Punters want to engage the Hold Option every hand possible to land on a Royal Flush. This extends to a Straight Flush or Four of a Kind. These are the highest paying hands available in the Full Machine Strategy. However, it should be noted that this strategy is viable only for high rollers. It’s a strategy that engages large bets to prompt large prizes. Using standard bets will limit wagers down to 95.25% regularly.

Jacks or Better Payout Odds

Down below are the standard hands and payouts employed by software developers creating these Jacks or Better Video Poker games. The Odds:


  • Royal Flush – 800:1
  • Straight Flush – 50:1
  • Four of a Kind – 25:1
  • Full House – 9:1
  • Flush – 6:1
  • Straights – 4:1
  • Three of a Kind – 3:1
  • Two Pair – 2:1
  • One Pair – 1:1

Jacks or Better Mobile

Mobile Betting has grown substantially in the last five years, becoming one of the largest commercial industries worldwide. It’s estimated that an average of $8 Billion is spent globally on mobile casinos. The industry’s wealth has outpaced its online predecessor, which earns roughly $6 billion yearly in revenue. Mobile gambling is more famous for convenience purposes. Having the capability to access games anywhere with a data connection worldwide has allowed players to partake in poker tournaments.

Player’s want to operate an account through a mobile service that is required to have one of the last three generations of iOS or Android. This is to guarantee fast frame rates, no connection lag, and player security. Subsequently, players experiencing Jacks or Better through their mobile phones receive gameplay that’s not only fluent but also easily accessible and safeguarded. The combination of these three factors has skyrocketed the popularity of this game amongst mobile punters. All casinos promoted with this article provide portable renditions of their online casino.

Jacks or Better FAQ’s

Can I acquire bonuses?
Player’s experiencing Jacks or Better for the first time can receive a welcome promotion or match deposit. These bonuses enable additional bonus credits that can be applied to this card game or any other title at the casino.
What are my support options?
Assistance can be acquired by player’s when they’ve contacted agents through live chat, telephone or email. Responses are typically immediate but can vary depending on time constrictions.
Are there withdrawing conditions?
Most online casinos require players to withdraw winnings from any of their games to go through a 24-Hour Delay. This is used in hopes that players will redeposit.
Are the games safe?
The game is secured by proxy firewalls, which bounce back any malware or unwanted connections to the selected Jacks or Better title. Furthermore, online casinos and mobile apps apply SSL-Encryption to defend all transactions being made in the game.

Why Play Jacks or Better?

Jacks or Better has proven itself a worthy card game in the online space. Formally called Draw Poker, this game has been around since the Wild West and has provided millions from different generations with exciting memories. Though the game went from being accessible in saloons to mortar casinos, top online betting sites, and mobile apps, it’s still maintained the simple mechanics that made it famous. Any newly inducted player into the online or mobile betting space is recommended to first place Jacks or Better for a card game. Other renditions of online poker could be too difficult.

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