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Roulette is a classic casino game favored by millions of players around the globe for its betting variety and simplicity. The broad variety of different roulette forms include form more advanced and exclusive versions created for online play to the more traditional versions such as American, French and European Roulette. All roulette games use the same primary playstyle and learning the rules is easy enough, even though roulette features levels of depth that can be surprising for players who take the game seriously.

The earliest form of roulette can be traced back to the 17th-century monastery of France, where the build of a perpetual motion machine failed and led to the birth of a roulette wheel now enjoyed by millions. The name roulette is of French origin and means small wheel.

Roulette’s popularity enjoyed a huge upsurge since the game is available at most online casinos and there are a lot of roulette casinos online where players are tempted via several bonuses to try their hand at roulette. The most accepted bonus part of the collection of online roulette bonuses is the welcome bonuses that often consists of a cash bonus combined with free spins.

Best Roulette Bonuses

Once online players have identified the best roulette bonus for their playing style the process to gain access to the bonus are easy. Roulette welcome bonuses are offered in several ways and bonuses exclusive to new members include roulette free bonus no deposit needed sign up bonuses, a mobile roulette free bonus or the roulette deposit bonus.

Registering a new account can be done in a few minutes, and by claiming the welcome bonus players can head straight to the tables to enjoy the best virtual or live roulette games. Roulette welcome bonuses require players to make a minimum deposit and the deposit and bonus are subject to wagering requirements that need to be achieved before withdrawals can be requested.

Roulette free bonus no deposit bonuses require players to register a new account, and no deposit is needed. Winnings achieved via the no deposit bonus can be withdrawn or used to enjoy more games once the playthrough requirements are met.

Roulette Play at Online Roulette Casinos

Online and mobile players can enjoy hours of free play offered by online roulette bonuses such as the roulette welcome bonus, roulette deposit bonus, roulette free bonus no deposit, casino roulette bonus no deposit or the mobile roulette free bonus.

Roulette action takes place once players have placed their chip/s on the betting position layout of their choice and bets can be divided into two types called inside or outside bets.

The outside bets offer lower payouts and are more likely to provide wins via column, dozen, and even chance bets such as high/low numbers, odd/even and red/black numbers.

Roulette inside bets include straight up bets that cover a single number and chips can be placed on any individual number to score 35:1 payouts. Split bets cover two numbers and the chip can be placed on the line shared by two numbers to obtain wins of 17:1. Street bets cover three numbers and chips can be placed at the end of a row of three numbers to win 11:1. Corner bets cover four numbers and by placing bets on the cross-intersection payouts of 8:1 can be expected for correct predictions while six line bets cover six numbers and chips need to be placed on the line between two streets to enjoy payouts of 5:1.

Roulette outside bets includes a dozen bets which covers twelve numbers and chips can be placed on three boxes marked the 3rd twelve 25-36, 2nd twelve 13 – 24 or 1st twelve numbers of 1 – 12 to achieve winnings worth 2:1. Column bets also cover twelve numbers and chips can be placed on three columns the first covering numbers 1 to 34; the second column covers numbers 2 to 35 and the third column 3 to 36 while winnings are paid at 2:1.

Red/Black bets cover either the black or red numbers and pays 1:1, and odd/even bets are placed on the block titled “even” or the “odd” and also pays even money. High/low number bets are placed on the block denoting numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36 and pays even money payouts.

Roulette Sign Up Bonus Benefits

The benefits of accepting a roulette sign up bonus are that players start playing with an inflated bankroll offering ample chances to get familiar with the game betting options while winning opportunities are increased. Roulette deposit bonuses are another way of gaining access to additional play funds especially once players feel confident enough to test several roulette betting strategies.

Several strategies are used to play roulette and one of the most popular is the James Bond system, which requires players to place fractions of wagers on different numbers. The strategy could, for example, require players to place a higher bet on high numbers for instance numbers 19 to 36 while a bet half the size is placed on a six-line and a low bet on the zero. The strategy works according to veteran players since it gives the player a 81.5% chance of winning with every spin of the wheel.

A Roulette deposit bonus allows players to test and experiment with several betting strategies and interesting strategies believed to improve players chances of winning includes the Martingale system. Armed with bonus funds the strategy requires players to place small bets on even/odd, or black/red and when it wins the same bet is placed if the bet is lost the player should double his/her stake. The strategy is believed to work although this is where roulette bonuses play a big part in the strategy requires a large bankroll.

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What Else We Need to Know About Roulette Casino Bonuses

Once the basic roulette rules and betting strategies are managed players can accept more roulette casino bonuses or mobile free roulette bonuses to get familiar with advanced roulette bets such as neighboring bets, section bets, tiers and voisins or orphans.

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