Localbitcoins is a website that shows you where you can buy and sell bitcoins in your area, but the site also offers more than that.

  • US customers are accepted


  • LocalBitcoins is one of the most private ways to purchase bitcoins
  • In some countries it is the only way to buy bitcoins
  • It allows you to buy bitcoins with many payment methods


  • Fees can be slightly high when buying with cash, since many people are willing to pay extra for the privacy LocalBitcoins offers

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LocalBitcoins.com Info


Localbitcoins.com is a website that shows you where you can buy and sell bitcoins in your area, but the site also offers more than that. They have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Business Week, and the Financial Times and all of the places they have to buy and sell bitcoins near you are instant, private, and secure. They have information about the buying and selling of bitcoins in 248 countries and with one visit to the site you will see all places near you where you can do this. Signing up for the site is free and while the locations shown on the landing page when you visit Localbitcoins are around your area, you can change this to see where they are available around the world.

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Localbitcoins Benefits

Localbitcoins shows more than just where to buy and sell bitcoins in your area, but they also offer more things. At the bottom of the landing page, they have LocalBitcoins.com news, and you can follow the site via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. They have other services such as API documentation, LocalBitcoins ATM, Affiliate, and Block Explorer. At the top of the page, they have the useful links for Buying bitcoins, Selling bitcoins, Posting a trade, Forums, and Help. There is also a drop-down box where you can enter the amount, currency, country, and view all online offers. This makes it very simple to find a reputable place to buy and sell bitcoins.

Banking Options

Location is key when you want to buy or sell bitcoins, as you want to find a place that does so near you if you decide not to do it online. The site knows your location, so when visiting Localbitcoins, right away, you will see Buy bitcoins online (near your area), Buy bitcoins with cash (near your area), sell bitcoins online (near your area), and sell bitcoins for cash (near your area). All of the places shown will have links and then give more information on the places that buy and sell bitcoins. There are even links below these things where you can check out a map to find out exactly how far the places are and how to get there.

Video Review of Localbitcoins.com

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Customer Support

While Localbitcoins does not offer live chat or telephone support, they do provide a solid support system. Those wishing to contact the support team can do so by opening a support ticket, sending a tweet on Twitter, or posting on their forums. They have an extensive FAQ section that provides answers to most common questions and has many links under that provide information about getting started, bitcoin, using Localbitcoins, common problems & solutions, creating advertisements and trading Bitcoin. There is even a how-to guide section of the site where you can get info on how to buy Bitcoins, how to sell Bitcoins, security information, an introduction to trading Bitcoins online, and tips on how to trade Bitcoins locally to name just a few.