List of the Top Online SportsBooks for US players 2023

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USA Sportsbooks are a highly sought after commodity for those who reside in the United States. The ability to access online sportsbook and place bets on a wide range of sporting events is one that has only increased in recent years.

The advantage comes from having a larger portfolio of sports to choose from, and this is directly related to those sportsbooks operating online reaching a global audience. It affords new opportunities that convention sportsbooks may have overlooked due to focusing more on geo-specific areas where certain sports fail to illicit interest.

American players have an excellent variety of sportsbooks that they can access and place bets at. While the number of sportsbooks may not be what it used to be, those participating in the US market still provide a rich experience filled with the latest sports events and odds that are equal to large Vegas casino sportsbook operations.

Are USA Sportsbooks Legal and Safe?

Yes, they are. Participation in gambling online is not illegal in the USA, and there are not any Federal laws that state otherwise. The law that does relate to sportsbook bets pertains to the UIGEA, as this dictates the sending of funds to and from, and makes it illegal for those transactions to be processed by financial institutions. It was the UIGEA that changed the face of online sportsbook betting and gambling within the USA. However, those residing in the USA cannot be punished for placing a bet or withdrawing winnings.

While individual states may have laws that make it illegal, a larger number are beginning to see the financial benefits of legalizing online gambling within the borders of their state. The first was Nevada, and New Jersey and Deleware followed them shortly after that. Some other states are in the consideration phase with some introducing legislation to see changes to allow the inclusion of online sportsbooks and casinos. There are some who would suggest placing a bet online is a risk. However they would be stating an untruth, and those who do will not face any legal repercussions.

Choosing a Legitimate and Safe USA Online SportsBook

This is an area many will question as a result of not having the amount of information regarding legitimate sportsbooks available to them. The process of selecting a sportsbook is one that involves some attributes that ensure the protection of you as a player. However, it is also one that ensures that the sportsbook is legitimate, has obtained licensing from a reputable licensing body and employs appropriate security measures for self-protection as well as for player protection.

There are multiple licensing bodies throughout the world that will grant a sportsbook a license to operate. The license can limit the location of players, and many do base on regulations and gambling laws. However, others do not apply limitations, and it is those that tend to license operators to accept US players. For some, this might cause concern, but history has shown it is not a problem and those operating within the US do so responsibly to their player base.

There are a few areas one should consider before registering and subsequently depositing with a sportsbook. First, verify the licensing, it’s current standing, and do some research relating to player complaints, etc. Another area to focus on is the sports offered, the odds and the options about deposit/withdrawals. Alternatively, you can use our recommended USA sportsbooks as that homework has been carried out by our team of specialists and we are confident in their findings, which we verify.

Also, be sure that the sportsbook is accessible not only via the web through usual methods but also compatible with most mobile devices. By compatible, we mean ensuring that you can view the site in a manner that is easy to navigate, view and carry out bets.

Real Money Mobile Sports Betting in the US


USA players and sportsbooks accept real money bets, as do fantasy betting sites. The range of real money betting options are extensive and compromises of a large number of sports, those being the most sought after, as well as those not as common such as yachting.

▷ Best Sports Betting Sites USA | US SportsBooks 2023 18

The more common sports encompass hockey, baseball, basketball, soccer, golf, motor racing, and football. These tend to be the ones many Americans prefer to place wagers on as they are more commonly followed sports. The number of options, as mentioned, reach a global audience and include darts, cricket, cycling, boxing, horse racing, rugby, and many others. One of the newer additions to sports betting is live betting. This allows you the ability to place bets while a game or sports event is live and in-play. It has become an area that many are drawn to, and most sportsbooks will offer it as a betting option.

Accessing a sportsbook using a mobile device is as easy as accessing any other site with your tablet or phone. One of its advantages is the fact that bets can be placed as you are on the go and missing cut-off times is a thing of the past. Being accessed through this point of access may cause some to have security concerns however these are unfounded. Today’s sportsbook employs multiple methods of security protection, some viable, others not. This translates to player protection with respect to the privacy of information, and secure transactions.

While the focus is towards sportsbooks, it should be noted many of today’s most popular sportsbooks will include multiple genres of gambling such as online poker, an online casino, and online bingo. While these options will not appeal to all players, many prefer to have multiple options available to them, and in doing so, affords them access to a greater range of games. This can include traditional table games, live dealer table games, and your usual mix of casino games.

Cashing Out from a US Sportsbook Account

As with an online casino, the options relating to sending winnings to players are equal. The options are somewhat limiting with only several being viable options. The first is paid by cheque, often sent from a business account that is not identified as a gambling operation and often is sent by the parent company that owns the sportsbook. This helps to eliminate the risk of a financial institute refusing to process the check .

Another area that has gained notable interest is payment via Bitcoin. This crypto-currency allows the fast and easy transfer of funds to sportsbook accounts when depositing and also when withdrawing winnings. It is anonymous and therefore affords a higher level of privacy that many players find attractive. As this is a crypto-currency, payments are received faster than the traditional payment of a check and that’s why Bitcoin Betting become more and more popular.

The only other viable deposit option is through the use of a prepaid credit card. The drawback to this is when choosing to receive winnings; often the case is that prepaid cards cannot receive payment, so ultimately, payment by check is the option for payment.

USA Players Currency Options

As is the custom, most sportsbooks will facilitate deposits in the US currency. Those that operate using a different currency simple will convert the deposit into the currency value of the casino. This often will relate to the Euro only and be it is at often at par with the US dollar, this should be of no concern.

Withdrawals may differ slightly and be paid in Euros unless your account allows you to specify your preferred currency. This is customary with most gaming sites online, and payment will be sent in the preferred currency chosen at the point of registration.

Are all players from the USA accepted?

Unless specified within your state legislation, all players in the USA are accepted with sportsbooks operating and accepting USA players. The responsibility to verify this lies with the individual player, however, if a sportsbook allows you to register, then it is safe to presume that it is legal within your state .