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Round Robin Betting, most people aren’t educated on this form of betting until they’ve become familiar with betting on sports. Essentially, Round Robin Bet explained is the perfect strategy for players that prefer hedging. This Round Robin Bet strategy allows for the risk factor to be minimized, while the potential for round robin bet payout is heightened. Round Robin Betting is considered a creative parlay that enables multiple bets simultaneously. This is accomplished by players first constructing a single parlay that’s in correlation to the events taking place. Then a secondary smaller parley bet must be combined with the massive round robin parlay. The term derives from Robin Tournaments, which required sporting teams to play against each other a minimum of one time. When it comes to sportsbetting platforms, only 5 team round robin bet is available. The round robin bet breakdown analyzed in this article indicates the round robin bet pays, bet types, round robin calculators, how much does a round robin bet cost, round robin bet meaning and much more.

Making a Round Robin Bet

Completing a Round Robin bet isn’t as difficult as most would imagine. Typically, online sportsbooks have software that enables players to create a round robin bet automatically. However, these automatic creations don’t allow players to select their teams or players. It’s an entirely random option that doesn’t guarantee a percentage of the prize pool. However, there are also manual round robin bets with most online sportsbooks.

Manually creating one of these round robin bets requires that the betting option first be selected, and then which lines are going to be accessed. Afterward, players are required to determine which way they’ll parlay and how many legs will be inside the bet. Finally, players will need to select how much they want to bet on this round robin parlay.

Then, the sportsbook will input the parlay round robin bet. Typically, players are recommended to keep things straightforward and implement only three lines at a time. This makes things more straightforward, as the more lines selected means, the more parlays required. Choosing eight lines on a five-team event means that there’d by fifty-six different parlays implemented simultaneously.

This can become overwhelming for any player relatively quickly, which is why the lower the combinations are better for strategies. Of course, this limits the percentage of the pot acquired when the tournament is done, but it also limits the available mistakes that can be made. This applies only to manual round robin parlay bets, those selecting the automatic method can choose many lines. The chances of lost funds jump dramatically by using this automated round robin bet service. It should be noted that there are very few sportsbooks that allow for more than eight lines to be accessed. Sportsbooks allowing for limitless line selections should be considered untrustworthy by players.

Horse Racing Round Robin Betting

Round robin betting isn’t just applicable to sportsbetting. It’s also a popular form of wagering amongst fans of horse racing. However, Round Robin in betting is slightly altered with racebooks. If you wonder what is a round robin bet in horse racing there are three different round robin bet type of parlay bets that can be made, with a maximum of five horses racing simultaneously. Just like with regular sportsbetting round robins, players can select a maximum of eight lines depending on the chosen racebook. Below are the three betting options for round robin wagering on a racebook.

  • Double BetsThe Double Bet is part of the round robin betting selection. It pertains specifically to horse racing and allows for players to make two bets for two events. For payouts to be won with this round robin bet, both wagers on the two horses must win their separate activities. If only one horse wins, then the wager is lost to the sportsbook house.


  • Treble BetsThe Treble Bet allows for racebook members to select three different horses for three various racing meetups worldwide. Players can choose the same jockey to win all three races or change up the rider for each event. Just like with double-ups, players must have all three selections be correct for payouts to be awarded. Otherwise, the funds are awarded over to the house.


  • Up & Downs – This is the easiest option available to players when it comes to round robin betting on a racebook. Players select one horse to win, and another to lose. This process can be repeated up to 56 times if eight lines are selected. These bets can also be called Twists, Cross Bets or Visa Versa. Typically, most sportsbooks call them Up and Downs.

Depending on the racebook or sportsbook selected, there will be multiple other bets available to players. These include Trixie’s, Patents, Accumulators, Goliaths, Tricasts, Yankee’s and Multipliers. Each one of these round robin bets holds their unique purpose with specific online sportsbooks.

Round Robin Bet FAQ’s

Is Round Robin Betting Safe?
All sportsbooks advertised in correlation to this article maintain advanced security programs to defend player transactions. These programs include 551-SSL Encryption and Proxy Firewalls. Deposits, Withdraws, and Round Robin Betting Transactions are all secured by these two programs.
Do these sportsbooks provide player support?
All online sportsbooks maintain a fully functional support service if anything goes wrong during a round-robin betting session. Typically these agents respond in seconds through live chat and provide solutions to problems immediately.
Is Round Robin Betting Profitable?
Players who perfect this form of betting can triple or quadruple their winnings regularly. Extensive knowledge of the selected sport is required for players to have any hope at winning substantial sums of money through round-robin betting. However, for the right player, this betting option is profitable.
Can my bets be cancelled?
Players can remove their round-robin parlay bets by contacting the support agents. These agents can terminate the wager before it begins. However, this process can sometimes be tedious and not work out in favor of players. Commit to your bets.
Where I can make Round Robin Bet online?
You can make round robin bet on all sportsbooks that we listed on this review. If you’re new to this type of wager you can help yourself with round robin bet calculator in excel.

The Calculator

The Calculator is a sports bettor’s best friend when it comes to round robin parlay bets. This Round Robin Bet Calculator enables players to calculate a round robin bet and determine the risk associated with any bet enacted. Players can add the notional bet, selected games, size of the parlay and game lines to calculate the situational result. Additionally, players will also learn all the variables associated with their chosen bets . This is a service used by every online sportsbook providing this form of betting.