▷ Max Quest: Wrath of Ra – Betsoft Slot 2021 Review & Bonus Codes

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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra 1
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Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Features

  • One of the best betsoft games
  • Advanced and Original

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra Basics

  • Game Type : Classic Slot
  • Software : Betsoft
  • Reels : 3
  • Paylines : 25

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This is a classic slot game, where you will find lots of emotions and great profits. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra can be considered Bestoft’s best slot game. This is an incredible game where there are great bonuses.

The graphics of the game are also perfect and have amazing visuals and landscapes. The main theme of the game is about 5 explorers/adventurers led by eminent archaeologist Professor Finnley Ogarian. Starting this slot game, you will embark on the realm of the ancient god that has ‘lain undisturbed for millennia’.

From just one spin in Max Quest: Wrath of Ra you can win the incredible prize of 5,000 coins ($ 100,000), while RTP (average return to player percentage) is a respectable 96%. Sinking into the essence of the game, you can make big profits. Wrath of Ra game offers amazing emotions. You can play the game at any online betsoft casino, where US and Australian online casino players can play.

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Before the start of the slot game, each player must buy bullets from the lobby. So you can bet because Each game room is sorted by the cost of each bullet. When you start playing with a standard weapon, you will be able to pick up new weapons from your opponents who are more powerful than your weapon. Every enemy killed will also bring you numerous cash prizes.

The key in this game is to get as powerful a weapon as possible. So you can kill more enemies and the profits for you are bigger. Among the various weapons, there are grenade, rifle, machine gun, laser and plasma rifle. Each player has different quests to accomplish. Looking for the hidden treasures in this game, you can get even more points for the game experience. Max Quest: Wrath of Ra puts a new era in slots, expecting total action and immersive adventure.

Max Quest Leaderboard

The Leaderboard in this game evaluates the best players – these are the players who have done the most tasks during the game – they will win all the trophies. At each completed level, your ranking improves. 2% of all the bets made will go towards a prize pool that will be shared among the top players in the Leaderboard.

Bonus Modes

God Events

This is a special bonus in which your enemies will leave your way in the game free. But ‘God Event‘ gives you the task – you must defeat the god, you will win a big cash prize.


With this bonus, you play with five more players in a team, and you have to win together. The awards here can be very large and surpass your expectations.

Final conclusion

Max Quest: Wrath of Ra is not the typical slot game but it’s a great opportunity to play and win at the casino. The game is with high-level visuals and it is at a great level. Sometimes it may be a bit slower on mobile phones, as the graphics of the game are quite complex. The online casino slot games reach new heights with Max Quest: Wrath of Ra and you will find out when you start playing.



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