NFL Week 2 – Free Picks, Predictions & Previews

Baltimore Ravens vs Cincinnati Bengals

Everybody is talking about the Ravens’ defense but I doubt that they will have a performance like the one they had against the Bills when Tyreek Hill dominates them on Thursday. The Bengals’ defense will make just enough plays on defense to see off Baltimore.

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Minnesota Vikings vs Green Bay Packers

The Packers look good on offense with Aaron Rodgers looking as exceptional as he’s ever been. They managed to escape in Chicago but the pressure they managed to put him under will be even bigger when Minnesota comes to town. The Vikings will not be able to go home with a win but they will be very competitive.

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New England Patriots vs Jacksonville Jaguars

One thing we know about Tom Brady is that he always recognizes the problem and then resolves it. The Patriots learned from their comeback playoff win against this one in January and they will try to use Gronk as much as they can with the Brady favorite quick throws.

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Los Angeles Chargers vs Buffalo Bills

Vegas expects the Chargers to compete this year but that wasn’t the case against the Chiefs last Sunday. However, the Bills are awful at the moment and I do not think that they can compete against anybody.

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Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons

Matt Ryan and Cam Newton had games to forget in week 1, although Cam managed to win. Julio Jones is always playing well against the Panthers and I expect his good run to continue.

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Cleveland Browns vs New Orleans Saints

The Saints’ defense didn’t start the season well and they will try to bounce back in week 2. I expect Baker Mayfield to hang around for a while in the first half until Brees and Kamara explode.

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Houston Texans vs Tennessee Titans

The Titans have too many injury concerns and I do not think that their offense and defense will be 100% healthy even if they all play. Mariota is questionable for the game while they lost Delanie Walker for the season. Texans struggle against good running backs and I expect this to continue but they will manage to pull it off in the end.

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Indianapolis Colts vs Washington Redskins

Andrew Luck is still finding himself in this offense with a struggling running game. Even though the Redskins look weak on paper and are considered to be the underdogs in their division, I think that they will improve to 2-0 with Adrian Peterson and Alex Smith executing the plays.

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Kansas City Chiefs vs Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben is always different when playing at home and he will continue from where Rivers left off, tearing the Chiefs’ defense apart. The Week 1 tie makes Pittsburgh the more desperate team in the early AFC playoff race.

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Miami Dolphins vs New York Jets

Sam Darnold led the Jets to their first win of the season but the supporting cast proved to be on the same page as well. As for the Dolphins, they lost key pieces on defense and Ryan Tannehill looks shaky. I am going with the more confident quarterback at the moment and the home advantage.

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Philadelphia Eagles vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Eagles’ defense looked great against one of better offenses in pro football. They totally embarrassed Matt Ryan and I do not think that they will have any problems to do the same to Jameis Winston. At least one pick-6 for the Bucs’ QB.

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Detroit Lions vs San Francisco 49ers

Matt Patricia looks lost in his new job as the Lions’ head coach. The Lions lack pass defense and Jimmy G will be up for the challenge to see them off. I doubt that he will have any problems, although I expect Matthew Stafford to be competitive.

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Arizona Cardinals vs Los Angeles Rams

The Rams look like the most stacked team in the NFL. They have pieces on every position and the questionable Sam Bradford will find it even harder than expected against a speedy defense like the Rams’.

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Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos

The Raiders’ defense looked pretty decent against the best offense in football last week. The Broncos struggle to score big and I think that they will continue to struggle even against a not so great defense. Even though the Raiders’ offense look awful under Jon Gruden, I think that they will be able to cause the upset.

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New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys

The Giants’ offense is loaded with interesting players on offense while Dallas is only counting on Ezekiel Elliott. Eli looks rusty on the road and that is why I’m going to side with the Cowboys in this one with Prescott finding his rhythm regardless of the Cowboys’ injury problems.

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Seattle Seahawks vs Chicago Bears

The Bears’ team looks better on paper and their only question mark is Mitch Trubisky. They gave him enough weapons on offense, in order to facilitate his growth and their defense looks really nasty. I think that this will be enough for the Bears to defeat the struggling Seahawks, even though Wilson will keep them in the game until the end.

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