Another NFL season is on the rise and it will be interesting to see which teams fare better than the others. There are many teams which have high aspirations who pretend to be Super Bowl contenders. We will try to predict which ones will get to the postseason in this article.

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We will start with the AFC and its division winners. I believe that New England is set to win the AFC East division for another straight year (@ 1.10). Tom Brady signed a new contract and the team looks better than last year when they won the Super Bowl.

The Cleveland Browns have a better group of players this year and I expect them to win their division for the first time since many years (@ 1.83). OBJ and Kareem Hunt, along with Jarvis Landry will add more production to the offense and Baker Mayfield will benefit from this.

The Indianapolis Colts look as the most ready team from the AFC South and I expect them to win the division, having in mind that Andrew Luck has a decent defense. (@1.40)

It is hard for me to predict if Kansas City Chiefs or Los Angeles Chargers will win the division but I am sure that both teams will get to the postseason, given the fact that they are Super Bowl contenders. (@1.28 for Kansas City and @1.50 for Los Angeles).

This gives us 1 spot to fill for the wild card teams and I will give it to Houston. The Texans have a great defense and Deshaun Watson is able to win narrow games. I believe that they will be the 6th seed of the AFC Conference. (@ 2.37)

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Moving to the NFC East, Philly and Dallas are the favorites there and I expect them both to get into the postseason. Zeke and Dak extended their contracts with the Cowboys while Carson Wentz is recovered for the Eagles and the defense will carry them to the postseason. (@1.83 for Cowboys and @1.50 for Eagles).

The Chicago Bears and the Green Bay Packers look set to get to the postseason. Aaron Rodgers finally has a young and energetic defense and he may even make a deeper run in the playoffs while the Bears have probably the best defense in the NFL and the offense just doesn’t have to turn the ball over, in order to win games. (@1.80 for Bears and @1.90 for Packers)

In the NFC South, the New Orleans Saints look like the only team that stands a chance to get to the postseason. (@1.33). Atlanta changed most of their coordinators and won’t get over .500 while the Panthers do not have enough talent on both sides of the field to be consistent.

Even though I would love to see Seattle and San Francisco in the postseason, I think that we will have to wait a bit more. The Los Angeles Rams are by far the best side in the NFC West division and they will likely get 2 losses from the Rams which may hurt them in the end. (@1.36 for Rams)