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Experience the excitement of a multiservice sportsbook with Fanduel. Engage with their online racebook, fantasy sports league and sportsbetting platform by registering an account today.

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  • Established: 2009
  • Country: New York, USA
  • Deposit Bonus: $1000
  • Deposit Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Online Bank Transfers, PayNearMe, PayPal, Direct Cheque and a Fanduel Prepaid Card
  • Withdrawal Options: Visa, MasterCard, Online Bank Transfers, PayNearMe, PayPal, Direct Cheque and a Fanduel Prepaid Card

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FanDuel Welcome page

Experience the excitement of a multiservice sportsbook with Fanduel. Engage with their online racebook, fantasy sports league and sportsbetting platform by registering an account today. This online sportsbook has provided millions of North Americans with their sports betting needs in the last decade. Throughout those ten years, they’ve upgraded their services and now offer a fully functional mobile application on iOS or Android devices. The layout on both versions of Fanduel are identical, remaining the same since the site first went live. They’ve become so popular that Bloomberg, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports, Variety and TechCrunch have all supported their products publicly.

While not licensed by a national regulator, it is instead governed by the Fanduel Bill of Rights. These rights guarantee a safe environment for players with security protocols that allow its in-house developed and maintained betting services to remain secure. Fanduel creates all the sportsbetting, race betting and fantasy betting platforms available on their site. Subsequently, a monopoly has been built around Fanduel that ultimately benefits players.

FanDuel Welcome Bonus

Players that have just registered an account with Fanduel can acquire the welcome bonus, which is listed as a FanDuel Risk Free Bet Promo worth $500.00. This bonus applies to any of the matches occurring on the racebook, sportsbook and fantasy league. However, players will need to be over the age of twenty-one to acquire this bonus and will need to bet with a 30x wagering requirement. Additionally, this bonus isn’t added into accounts for seventy-two hours after it was first requested. This is to confirm all personal details and ensure that the promotion won’t be abused. Allowing for an underage minor to gamble with their services could result in the site being terminated by the federal government.

Additionally, this promo isn’t available for cashouts. Meaning that any funds won can’t be withdrawn from accounts until the wagering requirement is played through. This welcome bonus is currently available to only Canadian and New Jersian bettors.

FanDuel Promotions & VIP Benefits

There are additional promotions listed on Fanduel, except their only available to punters in the New Jersey jurisdiction. These promos include a $100 Free Bet, $25 Cashback Promo, $100 Tennis Parlay and $50 Football Refund. Each of these promotions, except the cashback, implement a 30x wagering requirement. After these bonuses have been played through, any acquired funds can be withdrawn. However, the withdrawing period is prolonged by up to several business days. It’s rare to see an online sportsbetting hub provide so many bonuses to their player base. Unfortunately, though, there aren’t any VIP Services available at Fanduel. This leaves the desire of wanting something more out of this sportsbook. This is primarily because Fanduel already provides exceptional services that are reminiscent of a VIP Program. Players can engage with a tailored support agent and occasionally receive free comps that are suited to their style of betting. The only downfall to Fanduel is that there aren’t any exclusive VIP Tournaments or High-Rolling Fantasy Leagues.

There is one benefit that all players can acquire randomly, and that’s the FanDuel No Deposit Bonus. The promotions are obtained through a support agent or FanDuel No Deposit Bonus Code. Free money is rewarded to players at no cost of their own, which is enticing for anybody that bets online. However, these sorts of promotions often come with stricter terms of conditions that aren’t maintained with standard bonuses. This means a higher wagering requirement at 50x, and longer delays in processing withdraw. Primarily, this bonus isn’t intended to create large cashouts but is instead meant to give users a free experience with whatever Fanduel service they want.

FanDuel Navigation & Layout

The Sportsbook, Racebook and Fantasy League on Fanduel are all subjected to the same colour scheme. A combination of white and blue create a pleasing visual aesthetic that looks modernly designed. The homepage immediately advertises the Fantasy League and all the things that can be done in this platform. The homepage also promotes the available promotions, and tournaments enabled at Fanduel. When you click on the sportsbook and racebook platforms, players will be sent to another website. The homepage immediately changes on these two sites, with the sportsbook listing all relevant information relating to upcoming or past matches. The racebook provides the same information but in a different layout. Scrolling to the bottom of any three of these platforms will reveal the FAQ, Support, Responsible Gaming, Privacy Policy and About Us informal pages. Through these pages, all relevant information relating to Fanduel can be found.

FanDuel Safety & Licensing

Unfortunately, Fanduel isn’t licensed by an official governing body. Instead, they maintain their own Bill of Rights that protects the interests of players. These bills of rights include a ban on all third-party scripting, an implementation of bank accounts to safeguard funds, a full list of the rules enabled for betting at Fanduel and a 24/7 customer support team. These Rules apply to the eligibility of players, multiple accounts, unfulfilled tournaments, player status, deposits, withdrawals, scoring and scripts. Subsequently, all of these rules and the Bill of Rights allow for punters to have a safe environment. Considering that player reviews regarding safety at Fanduel average, a 9/10-star rating shows that this site is reputable and reliable.

Additionally, Fanduel implements SSL-551 Encryption Text and Offline Servers to defend players better. The encrypted text guarantees that all payments are back-end protected and the offline servers ensure that player information is secured on an impenetrable level. The only security mechanism not used at Fanduel is a proxy firewall, which is instead replaced with an AVS Firewall. These are known for not only protecting a site from malware, but also for destroying the malware before it can move to another establishment. Players couldn’t ask for anything more out of Fanduel in terms of security.

Payment Services

Fanduel uses only the best payment services available worldwide. There aren’t any unknown eWallets available at this betting site. Instead, players have access to Visa, MasterCard, Online Bank Transfers, PayNearMe, PayPal, Direct Cheque and a Fanduel Prepaid Card. Every method allows for instantaneous deposits except PayNearMe and Direct Cheques, which take fifteen minutes and several days, respectively. The maximum players can deposit $1,000.00 per transaction. Luckily, there’s no limit on how much can be withdrawn per month.

This is perfect for high rollers wanting to withdraw thousands at a time. Typically, cashouts are processed in five to seven business days. However, using a direct cheque means that the withdrawal will take upwards of fourteen business days to be processed in the mail. It’s best to use Visa, MasterCard or PayPal with the United States or Canadian Dollars. All transactions are processed by a third-party affiliate program that governs the safety of payments. Collectively, players can feel safe knowing that every time they make a deposit, there won’t be any hiccups during the process.

FanDuel Mobile

When Fanduel launched back in 2009, they immediately offered a mobile rendition of their betting services. Fanduel Mobile was initially maintained through the Google Chrome and Apple Safari browsers. Today, their portable betting platforms have moved to the application format, which allows for Fanduel to be downloaded on any iOS or Android device. The fantasy sports league is the best experience through iPhones and iPads, with the sportsbook and racebook being identical to their desktop counterpart. The full catalogue of betting services maintained by Fanduel is enabled on their application. The layout for navigation, casino services and promotional offers are all the same as well. This gives a similar experience across all renditions of Fanduel, with the added benefit of being able to use touch-screen controls.

FanDuel Sportsbook

Fanduel is built around their sportsbook, which caters entirely to a North American sports market. This means that only America and Canadian sporting events are listed at this sportsbetting exchange.

FanDuel Sportsbook

The available sporting leagues listed with Fanduel include Major League Soccer, Major League Baseball, College Football, the National Football League, the Women’s National Basketball League, the National Basketball League, the Fiba World Cup and the Professional Golf Association. These are the seven highest viewed sporting leagues across North America. All teams, players and special events relating to these leagues are

FanDuel Live Betting

The sportsbook with Fanduel is extended into the live betting category, which displays all the current live matches. Here, all relevant information relating to current matchups are listed, which include odds and spreads. Players can make numerous wagers which include Half Points, Total Points, Quarter Points, Away Team Bets, Home Bets and Game Lines. The live betting platform is a relatively new service implemented by Fanduel. It has done incredibly well, maintaining above-average player activity. This is thanks to the $500 Free Bet Welcome Bonus that can be used in correlation to the live betting sportsbook.

FanDuel Picks

Fanduel helps players with their sportsbetting bets by providing daily picks. These include Fanduel MLB Picks, Fanduel NHL Picks, Fanduel MLB Picks, Fanduel Golf Picks, Fanduel NBA Picks, Fanduel MLS Picks and Fanduel Fantasy Football Picks. Essentially, a pick is nothing more than a recommendation from Fanduel themselves. This recommendation is made by algorithms that determine what the best wagers on the upcoming matches for the day will be, and usually, these picks are correct. However, when you select a Fanduel pick, there is a chance that the return won’t be as substantial as a personally educated wager. Regardless, for most bettors who don’t watch every sporting event in the week, these picks are an excellent way to make a straight bet. The algorithm is called the “Fanduel Optimal Lineup” and is regularly updated to better asset players in North America.

FanDuel Casino

The same parent company owns Fanduel as Betfair, Flutter Entertainment. As such, when players click on the Fanduel Casino, they are immediately transported to Betfair Casino. In North America, this is one of the most popular casinos currently operational. They provide numerous video slots, table games, progressive and live dealer casino games. These games are comprised of developers like NetEnt, Playtech, IGT, Blueprint Gaming, Odobo Gaming, Red Tiger Gaming and WMS Gaming. Their casino games are compatible with desktop and mobile platforms, enabling genuine versatility in how these titles are approached. Betfair has nineteen years of experience in the US Betting Marketspace and is considered to be a top-tier betting site.

Betfair is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and Swedish Gambling Authority. Subsequently, this allows the casino to be available to a worldwide audience, unlike Fanduel. This means that multiple currencies are accepted with Betfair. These currencies include the Australian Dollar, US Dollar, Canadian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro, Denmark Kroner, Swedish Kroner and Norwegian Kroner. Subsequently, this means that the Danish, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, Swedish, Russian and Bulgarian languages are enabled with Betfair.

Players opting to access Betfair Casino can deposit through Neteller, PayPal, Skrill, Solo, Delta, Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa Electron, Western Union and Direct Cheque. All of these depositing methods are also enabled for withdrawing. When cashing out, there’s a 48 to 72-hour indeterminate period on time of the processing time of withdraws. EWallet’s take 24-hours to cash out, credit cards take upwards of five business days and cheques take up to sixteen business days. Most players can withdraw per month is $500,000.00.

FanDuel FAQ’s

How can I download the FanDuel App?
There are two ways that players can download the application. The first is by contacting a support agent to send you an APK for installation, or members can search the casino’s name of the Google Play Store or Apple Store. The first method is meant for consumers that don’t have the latest smartphone.
How much can I win while sportsbetting?
The maximum amount that can be won while sportsbetting varies on the league and sport selected. The absolute highest that can be won is through an event with the National Basketball Association. Players can trigger $250,000.00 on a Moneyline, Handicap or Total Point. The lowest that can be won is $1,000.00 through Tennis.
What information is collected when I sign-up?
Fanduel collects demographic information, usage information and personal information to maintain a tailored experience for players. This information is tracked through location services and third-party companies to create additional advertisements on subsequent websites. Additionally, player data can be retained for an unspecified amount of time. Subsequently, this means that player information with Fanduel isn’t fully secure.
Who is prohibited from playing at Fanduel?
Anybody living outside of the New Jersey jurisdiction or Canada doesn’t have access to Fanduel. Additionally, anybody who is a professional coach, handler, manager or trainer relating to the sports advertised at Fanduel cannot register for an account either. Anybody found breaking these laws face federal prison charges from the New Jersey Senate Judge.


Fanduel Sportsbook is more than just a betting site; it’s a multiservice establishment that has everything an online punter could ever desire. Player reviews relating to this betting site are more positive than negative, with an average star rating of 8/10. The experiences derived from the sportsbook, racebook and fantasy league are exceptionally brilliant. This extends to the online casino, which is maintained through Betfair. This casino is expansive, providing hundreds of video slots and table games to the desktop or mobile devices. There are few multiservice sportsbooks like Fanduel that have partnered up with formidable online casinos to bring a more revolutionary experience. When you account these factors in with the promotional offers and support services available, you can’t help but be impressed by the two-decade-old establishment that is Fanduel.

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