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College Basketball Picks against the Spread

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College Basketball Picks Over/Under

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College Basketball Picks Consensus

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▷ NCAAB Picks | College Basketball Picks Free 2023 2

Founded in 1906, the NCAA was established to protect young players from exploitive athletic practices, and for many years the NCAA was the rules-making body and the discussion group while the first NCAA field and track championships started in 1921. Millions of fans can wager on the outcome of matches and every year there is a huge build up to the start of the basketball national championship as punters use statistics to work out a strategy of who would get their vote.

Many basketballs and sports fans are already starting to make College Basketball Predictions on which team would vie for the 2018 men’s basketball national champions held in San Antonio, and the predictions most likely to come true are the super-early predictions of the next top 25. Experienced sports bettors take into consideration team statistics such as last year’s performance, basketball team couches, and general solid team performances.

NCAAB Betting Odds

Online bookmakers and sports betting sites offer several benefits to online betting, including detailed team and individual player statistics and spread line odds. Several strategies would be based on last year’s performance while the teams that have won the most NCAA championships are Stanford University that has claimed 113 total team titles matched by 113 titles won by the University of California, the University of Southern California have won 103 titles, and the University of Texas has 44 titles. The team that has enjoyed the most NCAA basketball championships are UCLA who won 11 titles from 1964 to 1995. Kentucky has won 8 titles from 1948 to 2012, North Carolina 6 from 1957 up to 2017 and Duke have won 5 between 1991 and 2015.

NCAAB Betting Explained

March Madness is a form of betting inspired on the NCAAB annual tournaments to increase sports fans interest in the NCAA Men’s Basketball tournament. This year the March Madness was won by the North Carolina Tar Heels men’s basketball. In the 2016 NCAA basketball tournament the top four in the final where Syracuse, Oklahoma, North Carolina and the NCAA winner was the Villanova Wildcats. Basketball is one of the easiest betting options for anyone new to online betting along with football it uses point spread betting on teams as well as under/over and here you can find both college basketball picks against the spread and college basketball picks over under.

The most common betting method is the point spread in which the sportsbook imposes a handicap on one team to make both the participating teams equal in betting terms. With the point spread team expected to win are the favorite, and the underdog is the team less likely to win and for betting purposes the team more likely to win give points to the team expected to lose or so-called college basketball picks with spread. For example, should the Celtics play the Knicks most sports fans will place bets on the Celtics to win but should the point spread make them a 10-point favorite then Celtics would have to win by a minimum of 11 points for punters to win? Should they win the game by 10 points, it is a tie or push, and no money is changing hands.

In betting against the point spread with which we will help with our college basketball picks against the spread, punters would have to wager 11 to 10, which requires them to risk $11 to win $10. This is the bookmaker’s way to attract bets on both teams. In Basketball, the second most preferred wager is the over/under, which is predicting the combined score or the two participating teams. Sports betting sites or bookmakers posts a number and sports fans can wager on the points being over the prediction or under. By using the Celtics and Knicks example again, the under/over number could be 188 and wagering would be that the total scores combined would be 189 or greater while an under bet would mean the score is 187 or less. If the combined score is 188 the bet is considered as a tie or push and again no money exchange takes place.

Another wag to place bets on NCAAB with our free college basketball picks for today is the money line bet, which removes the point spread and fans bet on the winner of the game. Due to a large number of teams that have a fifty percent chance of winning the wagers are made using odds, so if a bet is placed on a team expected to win, punters are asked to risk more than they stand to win.

Bookmakers would, for example, display the Boston Celtics as – 300 and the New York Knicks as + 240, punters who bet on Celtics would need to place a $30 bet to win $10, and wagers on Knicks would mean rising $10 to win $24. At one point, all sports betting was done via money lines, although with too many punters betting on the obvious winning team the point spread was introduced to attract bets on both teams. Other forms of betting options in basketball also include the teasers and parlays often referred to as exotic bets. In these wagers, punters need to predict the winners of two games, while on parlays punters have the opportunity to bet against the point of spread or the money line, and teasers are that players can adjust the point spread in their favor. The catch in teasers and parlays are that all teams have to win according to a punters prediction for him to win.

NCAAB Betting Advice

According to college basketball expert predictions, the top NCAA basketball teams likely to win are the Kentucky Wildcats, while another hot favorite is the Villanova Wildcats and the arrival of Omari Spellman adds to the team’s popularity. In the third place is the Gonzaga Bulldogs followed by the Duke Blue Devils, Louisville Cardinals, Wichita State Shockers and the North Carolina Tar Heels is in the seventh place.

The eight most favored team to win this year is Kansas Jayhawks followed by West Virginia Mountaineers, Arizona Wildcats, and Michigan State Spartans just fall short of being one of the top ten most favored teams to win. Other teams part of the top twenty include the Cincinnati Bearcats, Minnesota Golden Gophers, and the Miami Hurricanes.

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