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First, select two games for which you are sure you know the winner (favorites such as –
Barcelona, Arsenal, United, Chelsea, Juventus, etc..) Coefficients are negligible (they will normally be between 1.2 and 1.5 for the favorites), it is important to make sure a final result.

Then select 10 match accumulator (those in each system to combine the two selected favorites that you think will draw. (Ie do 10 systems, each appearing in both the favorite and the third game is the one that would end in a draw ).

Choose equal matches in the championships, in which there are many, for example: the Italian “Serie A” or their second league and French second league …

Here I give an example, no team names, just an example:

■ First favorite odds. 1.3
■ Second favorite odds. 1.3
■ 10 * equal odds. 3.5

Which gives 10 systems with coefficients 5.92 (this is an example).

Result: If one of the selected favorites do not win – you lose 100% of your bets, and if there is a tie among the 10 selected TTE … If there is only one flat, losing 40.8% of your bet, but if there are two equal, already earning 18.4% on top.

➊ If there are three equal, earning 77.6%
➋ If there are 4 equal, earning 136.8%
➌ If there are 5 equal, earning 196%
➍ If there are 6 equal, earning 255.2%
➎ If there are 7 equal, earning 314.4%
➏ If there are 8 equal earning 373.6%
➐ If there are 9 equal, earning 432.8%
➑ If there are 9 equal, earning 492%

Of course it is difficult to guess more than 4 equal but 3 or 4 is quite possibly gives you a nice profit.

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