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In this material you may learn how to use a very profitable strategy for betting on football matches.

To bet on this strategy, you must first use “averaging calculator” or Dutching calclulator.

There is one here:

Then choose your game you want to bet.

Before the first whistle choose game in which you are available and live bets and divide its capital (eg € 50) with specific proportions of amounts using the calculator.

Here’s an example:

ChelseaWigan, we obviously Chelsea’s favorite, so I bet this:

▲ Fulltime ‘0-0’ odds .: 13.50 -> 4.04 euros pledged profitable from € 54.54
▲ Fulltime ‘1-0’ odds .: 7.20 -> 7.57 euros profitable bet from € 54.50
▲ 2 or more goals coefficient .: 1.42 -> € 38.39 bet a profit of € 54.51

With such a losing bet only if Chelsea or selected favorite lost 0 to 1, all other results – our profit is from 8 to 10% of our stake. Almost a sure bet with very low probability of loss.

Earned € 54.5 stake them again, the capital was increased by € 4.5 and brings more profit with every time. The strategy has been tested and has won it 15 times in a row.

However, it is advisable to bet on sure favorite hosting.

Of course it is almost impossible to favorite lost 0 to 1 as the host, but do not use this strategy more than 15 times in a row. Then you will have regained the capital and will have more profit, but start over again after a certain amount of won games.

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