Betting Strategy – BET ON GOAL SCORED

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In this material you may learn how to use a very another profitable strategy for betting on football matches.

The strategy is based on goals scored by the teams. Losing a while you realize how difficult it is to guess the winner. Instead, goals are quite easy to guess … For your favorite team or playing against him. This is a fact.

You’ve probably noticed that in football are noted a lot of goals, even by outsiders. (For example: Manchester United will beat Chelsea, but that does not mean that Stoke will not score). Goals are flagged even after the 90th minute in luck. A strategy we need
at least 2 goals – and win!

It’s that simple. The game is played over 1.5 goals low rates, but at least is won during the greater part of the time.

Strategy to work, we need coefficients between 1.2 coef. and 1.35 coef. (approximately). Automatically exclude ratios under 1.2 coef., because it makes no sense to risk for such low profit. And I’ve noticed that if the ratio is greater than 1.4 coef. for a particular match, then the chances of winning dramatically reduced. Of course – we want the highest possible rates, but this strategy is the maximum 1.35 coef.

Management of money: each bet is 5% of your bank.

★ Select games: choose Championships, which marked plenty of goals, for example, England, Netherlands – 1st and 2nd League Austria – second league, the Japanese league, etc …

In other words, relies on the championships in which rates of over 2.5 goals are good, yet more than 50% of the matches are recorded at least 3 goals. This is an indicator when a championship is suitable for our strategy.

Each league has offensive and defensive teams. So choose teams in games in which at least 80% of cases are recorded more than 2 goals. Even better if both teams and games are available with over 80% of cases in which there are more than 2 goals. Better this strategy does not apply to derbies between two strong teams, but rather in the middle of the teams in the standings.

Another trick – wait for the games that we choose to live and start after 10-something moments put your bet. So the factor before the game for over 1.5 goals was 1.2 after 10-something moments (if we scored) logically increases and is better.

This strategy has been tested and earn about 85% of the matches. About 30 percent profit on every bet small but sure profit.

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