The NFL standings for playoffs show us that the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams are leading the NFL standings AFC and the NFL standings NFC, respectively. The NFL standings wild card are always two teams from each conference that are going to play against the third and the fourth-placed team. In our case, the Ravens and the Chargers are the wild card teams in the AFC and they are going to play against the Chiefs and the Texans in 2018.

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Each conference is divided into different divisions. Every division winner goes to the playoffs even if there are better teams in the conference which eventually may not even get to the postseason, depending on the standings. The NFL standings by division show us that the New England Patriots are winning their division with 11 wins and 5 losses while the Baltimore Ravens are winning theirs with 10 wins.

The NFL standings current show us that the Los Angeles Rams are the best team in the whole NFL and they are followed by the New Orleans Saints in the NFL standings league. The NFC tends to be the better conference this year because in the NFL standings overall, even the third-best team is from the AFC and this is Chicago.

In the NFL standings of all teams, we can clearly notice that the worst team there is Arizona which will have the first pick in the upcoming 2019 NFL draft. This is going to boost their chances of leading the NFL standings board in the years to come if they draft a game-changer, preferably a quarterback.

Many people predicted that the Atlanta Falcons will fare well in the NFL standings and stats this year with an offensive coordinator that had two years to work with Matt Ryan. This, however, did not turn out to be true and even though, Matty ‘Ice’ was better than last year, the Falcons had just 7 wins and fell in the NFL standings this year.

The NFL standings right now may not always show us which are the worst teams in the NFL. There are teams, for example, which may not start the season well and they may be dead last in the NFL standings by week due to injured players. The San Francisco 49ers played without their star quarterback and best player Jimmy Garoppolo, technically, the whole year and in the NFL standings whole league, they are second to worst after the Cardinals.

The NFL standings for this week show us that even though the Rams, the Saints and the Bears have a better record than the Patriots, only the Rams will have a home field advantage of these three teams. This is because the NFL standings by conference is coming into place, in order to present the NFL standings NFL playoff picture.

The NFL standings best to worst show us standings of the whole league ranked from 1 to 32. We see the Los Angeles Rams at the top and the Arizona Cardinals at the bottom. The NFL standings home and away reveal that the best home team is New England with 8 wins and 0 losses while the best away squad is New Orleans with 7 wins and just a single loss.

The NFL standings live are essential in the last week of the NFL season where different teams may face different opponents and qualify or fell out of the playoff race due to certain results in the games. The NFL standings updated give us a better picture of who is going to be in the postseason and who is not based on the results at the moment.

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