When you are betting on the NFL, you will often see be prompted to bet on the NFL betting lines. Assuming, you are wagering on over on a 43.5 NFL betting line, you will hope for the teams to score at least 44 points combined. The NFL odds for over/under are usually between 1.86 and 1.95 which means that you will almost double your wager if you guess it right.

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The NFL latest lines show that the Eagles are 2-point favorites against the New York Giants on the road and the total points in the game are 45. This means that if you wager 100 USD on Philadelphia -2 and they win, you will make a profit of 90 USD while if the Eagles win by exactly 2 points, you will get your wager back.

The NFL lines for this week also show that Minnesota is a 9.5-point favorite against the underachieving Arizona Cardinals. The Cards are at home and even though they are inconsistent, the line is too big and we see value in betting for them. If they lose by less than 9 points which is way too much for a home side, you will also make a profit of 90 USD.

The NFL gambling lines offer us a very attractive game this week- Chargers at Browns. Even though the Chargers are on the road, the Browns are inconsistent while Rivers is leading the team very well. We also see value in this one and we believe that Los Angeles can upset the odds here and get away with a win.

The NFL lines for today offer us many games with an expectation for many points to be scored. Most of the games’ NFL lines over under are near the 50s. This is way too much for most of the teams and I believe that most of the games this week will finish as under. Different system bets may be tried, in order to take advantage of the good NFL lines and odds this week.

We also see value in wagering for the underdogs this week, considering the NFL lines picks. Many of the underdogs, including Denver, Dallas, Kansas City, Arizona, and Los Angeles have a big chance of at least covering the spread which can give you big profits.

The NFL lines next week will be affected by this week’s results. They are also affected by injuries to key players during the games they will play or during the training sessions next week. The NFL lines tomorrow are out with Green Bay being a 9.5-point favorite against San Francisco but if Jimmy Garoppolo is playing, the points spread will be much smaller.

The NFL game lines today offer so much variety and so many divisional games. These games are often decided by the slimmest margins which is another reason why you should back the underdogs.