MLB Playoff Odds

The MLB season is heating up and the playoff picture is starting to become more and more clear. We have some bold picks and some arguable ones that we’re going to share with you, in order to choose your market.

Let’s start with the American League. There we have the New York Yankees that look like the most powerful team in the entire MLB. They possess one of the greatest offenses in baseball and are destined to make the playoffs.

The Houston Astros won the trade deadline battle by adding another veteran key pitcher to their already great pitching squad. They will be in the playoff mix for sure and I believe that they can even get to the World Series.

The Minnesota Twins are my “dark horse” to win the World Series and I believe that they have every ability to do that. They have a decent pitching roster and many injured players at the moment but despite this, they have been phenomenal.

The Tampa Bay Rays can easily get one of the two wild card spots. They are turning things around in July and August and if they continue with this pace, they will certainly earn a playoff spot, considering the fact that their only true opponent, the Boston Red Sox, are in abysmal form at the moment and they are on the verge of missing out on the playoffs.

The Oakland Athletics may be the lucky ones who get into the postseason simply because no other team is able to beat them for the spot. I do not believe that they can win a potential wild card round against the Rays but they certainly have the quality to get to the playoffs.

2019 MLB AL Playoff Odds at BetNow

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Moving on to the National League, we have the Los Angeles Dodgers who are on pace to win more than 100 games. Their home record is amazing and they look unbeatable at Dodger Stadium. They have been the most consistent team for the past few years and this doesn’t look that it will change this year.

The Atlanta Braves look better than ever this year. The team lacks the playoff experience but their regular season has turned out to be perfect. No one predicted them to be in the postseason before the season started but now we are even hearing thoughts about them making the final based on the fact that they are the best road team in the entire MLB.

The Chicago Cubs have the chance to be the best team in Chicago for the first time since many years. The Red Sox, as mentioned above, are awfully bad at the moment while the Cubs are leading their division as they overcome the Brewers’ deficit. I believe that they will make the postseason along with the Brewers from the NL Central Division.

The Milwaukee Brewers are another team that has the potential to get into the postseason as I believe that they will edge out the Phillies for the wild card spot. Their problems come only when playing on the road. If they manage to resolve their issues, they will certainly get a place in the playoffs.

I also feel that the Washington Nationals will get the other wild card place from the National League. They were considered to be even favorites to get to the World Series before the season started but as it progressed, they are more less regarded as a one-and-out team. They have the ability to win the wildcard round but they do not have what it takes to then beat the Dodgers.

2019 MLB NL Playoff Odds at BetNow

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