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The MLB MVP race will be very interesting this year. The favorites to win it in the AL are mostly Astros and Red Sox players. However, the big favorite to win it is Mike Trout from the Angels’ squad.

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Mike Trout is just 27 years old but he is already on pace to become an all-time great. He has 7 All-star appearances. His batting average is over .300 in his last 2 seasons. He is also a home run machine. His lowest home run record for the past 6 years is 27. In all of the other 5 years, he has managed to make more than 27 home runs.

Gleyber Torres is an interesting pick to win the award because he might end up the season as the best player on the best team. The Yankees’ second baseman has a batting average of .282 and 23 runs but if the Yankees continues to be a high-scoring team and he continues to be the vocal point of the offense, there is a high chance for him to win the AL MVP race.

DJ LeMahieu is another Yankee. The reason I’m considering the Yankees to have an MVP is because they are the talk of the league. They always get the most attention and if there is a chance for a Yankee player to win the trophy, I’m sure he will. According to the bookies, LeMahieu has better chances than Torres mainly because of his batting average of .333. However, he is not that appealing to the eye as he has less home runs.

Prediction: Even though these are the Yankees, we should not forget what Trout has been doing this year. He has been phenomenal and anything but an MVP award for him will be a robbery.

The situation in the NL MVP race is a bit different. There we have 2 favorites to win it and a bunch of underdogs. The favorites are Cody Bellinger from the Dodgers and Christian Yelich from the Brewers.

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Anthony Rendon is a longshot behind them with OPS of 1.017, slugging percentage of .613 and on-base percentage of .404. He’s had 20 home runs and 80 RBIs in the past 4 seasons. He doesn’t draw much attention because he is playing for the Nationals and they can’t be considered as favorites to win the World Series this year.

Cody Bellinger has just 398 career games but throughout them, he’s had 98 home runs and 199 walks. He is one of the best walkers in the league because he always manages to get a walk. He is also playing for a Dodgers’ squad which has been getting tons of attention in the past couple of years due to its good run in the postseason. He has also been the Dodgers’ most consistent player and he is deservedly the favorite to win the NL MLB MVP award.

Milwaukee BrewersChristian Yellich has had a great July with a .361 batting average and 7 home runs and a 1.140 OPS in 21 games. If he continues to play like this until the end of the regular season, I won’t be surprised if he becomes the MVP. Milwaukee, however, isn’t the LA market and this may give advantage to other players.

[sociallocker]Prediction: Cody Bellinger is deservedly the favorite to win the award. He has been consistent all year long. Even though Yellich is drawing attention in the past few weeks due to his good performances recently, I doubt that he will be able to stay consistent throughout the whole campaign. Cody Bellinger to win the NL MLB MVP award, NL MVP odds @ (-175)[/sociallocker]