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Even though Donald Trump’s mandate so far has been mostly a disaster, he is still the favorite to win the elections in 2020. His odds of -110 are much better than the second in the list- Kamala Harris with +650. Kamala Harris is the Democratic frontrunner at the moment and she is considered to be his only competitor.

Joe Biden is again in the mix but it is thought that the Democratic Party will elect Kamala to represent them at the elections. If she doesn’t get voted to go to the elections, it will surely be Biden, however, I do not give him much chances against Trump since he is not that well received in the USA. @+700

Elizabeth Warren, another member of the Democratic Party, is a US Senator from Massachusetts. She will certainly win the Boston’s vote, however, this will not be enough for her to eliminate Donald Trump.

Bernie Sanders was one of the Democratic Party’s frontrunners in 2016 but they still chose Hillary Clinton. Sanders has a similar appearance to Trump, however, he is not that controversial. Let’s not forget that in 2016, Trump had one of the biggest odds to become the US President but he managed to beat them as an underdog.

[sociallocker]Prediction: It is too early to make bold predictions on the elections but Trump is the heavy favorite for a reason. It is hard to see any of these guys overtaking him and I believe that he will have a second mandate, regardless of the outcome of his first one.[/sociallocker]